Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Obstacles and other roadblocks are sometimes in our life to protect us from going down a path that is not safe for us. Sometimes those roadblocks lead us to roads we would have never taken otherwise. Give yourself some quiet time, pray to God to give you wisdom and then trust your inner voice.
I am reminded of a time many years ago that I was traveling out west and decided to take a trip across Wyoming. Let me be straight it was a one day drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The next morning we left Jackson Hole to travel thru Yellowstone National Park and out the East Gate to go straight to Cody, WY. The day was sunny and cold, as we got into Yellowstone and viewed the Teton Range, I was in awe.

After watching Ole Faithful spout in full glory we had lunch and right about then it started to snow. The East gate was closed and knowing the park at night is not the best place to be especially in a Chrysler car, we hit the roadblock, turned around and made plans to exit the Northeast Gate. This was hours out of our way in the snowstorm. We finally made it to a small town outside of the park that evening and slept an exhausted sleep. The next morning we re mapped our route and traveled on a road named the Chief Joseph Highway. One of the most beautiful roads in the world. Had the roadblock not been there I would have missed this experience.
Trust that there are times that God allows a roadblock to let us experience greater joy than we could imagine. So trust in God. He knows the pathway we are to travel.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


If I could save time in a bottle.....

Would we?

Wonder if the bottle would overflow. Or would we keep getting new bottles. Where do we store these bottles. Do we have time to revisit the bottles? Pour them out and relive them.

I chose to remember the past. Live the present. Have faith in the future.

The Bible says we are fools to plan our days fir our own dreams. If it is Gods will it will be

Just heard a story about a seven foot seven inch college basketball player that will lose part if his foot due to infection. This man was probably assured of millions in the NBA. Today the reality has changed. Will he trust in God that this is for a purpose. Would I trust?

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Living A Life

How sad that he died at forty, with most of his living undone. But sadder still that he hung around to be buried at eighty one.

Live your life while you can.

Find the balance to live, give and feel.

Life is not about aquiring money, but aquiring experiences to share, to grow, and therefore to give back.

Live your life to serve. Be noble in all you do.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Growing for Christ


Sat with God today.


God I am struggling to understand your will for me, my salvation, and your Grace.


God seems to allow a story to appear to me:


This is the story.


My child, you have done well, to surrender to me, to accept my Son Jesus Christ, as your personal savior.  There is nothing you can do to earn this right, nothing you can do to lose my love and acceptance of you.   My child I am giving you a piece of my earth, the responsibility to take care of this land is what I ask.  My dearest youngster, this piece of ground that I gave to you is large enough to produce much fruit, the seeds of which you will give away to others so that they may experience the journey that you are about to take.  Dear child, it is I who has given you the Book to succeed in this journey, this Book is all that you will need to grow this land that I give to you; into a mature orchard.  You will need to plant 9 trees, it is important to nurture these trees that they do not fail to produce; this is my mission for you.  You will honor me by doing what you are told.  Learn my child from the others that have come before you, trust the wisdom in your older more mature brothers and sisters, learn from the teachers that I have provided for you, join in fellowship and worship with them.  My child these trees are named for my fruits, the very food that you will need to grow my kingdom with; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  My dear one, it is not an easy task that I require of you, your enemy, satan, will try to bring struggle and hardship, and in these times, know that I am with you, know that I will allow them, these trials, to your point of strength that you may grow strong and be a warrior for my kingdom.  My son, know that no one comes to full maturity without struggle, know that in every trial you will become strengthened by fire, to endure the pathway.  Stay steadfast in my journey; keep my Word in your heart and soul.  My Son I have placed the Holy Spirit in your soul so that you may communicate with me and gain a deep understanding of my Word, my instructions, and the depth of my love.  Son, this land will need you to work hard, and put my mission first in all that you do.  I will understand that it will take time to grow this orchard; you will need to prepare the ground, remove the weeds, and dig up and burn the roots of old.  You are called to be born again, a fisherman, a farmer, a voice in darkness, a light to the lost.  You will need to toil in the sun and endure the rains.  As you see success in this growth do not take leisure, for as you start to show accomplishment you will need to be humble , so that you do not become self serving, proud, selfish or earthly in your thoughts, for these things do not please me.  My son you will need to stay the course, and trust in me.  There will not be a time that you will be able to take your eyes from my work, it will need to be your life work, for this is all that I ask; that you make this orchard flourish, and honor me with the fruits of your labor.   My loved one as you grow in knowledge I will bless you with a larger tract, and more generous fruits.  You will grow to be a teacher of my flock; this is my calling to all my children.  My son the day will come when you come to me and I will rejoice in saying; Well done, my good and faithful servant.


Your Father.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shadow To Light

My nature is to run. Not in the physical form, but emotionally and mentally. Strive everyday to walk closer to God, to increase my talks with Christ, and to listen to the Holy Spirit. Everyday to push the darkness inside me out and behind like the shadow. To walk towards that light of Christ. As I step, it is with full knowlege of the fear and trust that I have in the Lord. My knowledge, my wisdom increases daily with his blessing, so that honor flows to Him. Towards my purpose I go. Everyday the light overcomes the shadow of the past me. It continues to become more of who I am because I chose
it to be so. One day that light will overtake me and there will be shadow no more. That day I will live in the full Glory of our Lord, Jesus.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Men's Ministry Day

Thought it an amazing start to my weekend. Fellowship with the men of my church. Listening to Pastor Jamie speak of setting priorities in my life helped me to realize that setting a plan sets direction and having direction helps accomplish goals.
So easy to get side tracked doing and doing is not always productive.
Golfing was very enjoyable a time. Playing better ball actually allowed me to focus on the value of teamwork and knowing that you could count on another to be there to rescue you from a bad shot. Life tends to be that way if we allow it to be. Our brothers will be there to count on in times of need and error. By having this community around us we are able to do things that would be much more difficult alone.
Very glad to be surrounded by great Christian mentors, friends, and loved ones.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, so as one man sharpens another.

Men's ministry is a explosive growth area in my life right now. Tim and I have decided to study a devotional book called " is it warfare, lord teach me to stand" by kay Arthur. We are planning to meet at 6 am every Monday to talk about our weeks study.
Seems that the Lord is working with this mission or two member group may me growing to six men. This is very special. Feels like the ability for us to spread fruit is starting. This is one of the first times that I truly feel that God is allowing me to have the confidence to stand for Him. Praise be to Him. All glory from this mission will be from Him. May I be an effective servant to his word.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Dad, Charlie and andy joined me for the weekend at the steelers game. Paul got us rooms at the Hilton where the team stays and Dad has been able to see a few players.
Cool night eating on the southside at fat daddys resturant and having way too much food and I left most of it on my plate. Did tons of walking all over this section of pittsburgh.
Walked to see Jerone Bettis grill and walking back saw the fireworks up close and personal.

It was great to see the excitement in my dad to see some of the players. Paul was able to get Heath miller, marvel, and Hines ward to sign a banner for Charlie.

Didn't sleep real well. Dad can really snore it up. He feels so bad about it. Of course we smile and forgive.

Off to the stadium.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Men In Christ

Started meeting with a couple of men from my small group this morning. We are going to be studying from the book "a measure of a man" by Gene Getz.
This morning we met and talked about our journey in life and the things that shaped who we are today. Amazing the differences and the similar paths we travelled. We all had a mainline church upbringing mine Luthern

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On The Bay

What a beautiful day. We got a gift that the boat was available today and we invited the friends and the family. It great to relax and talked and laughed.
The biggest conversation was started because of the book "The world without us". This book is a theorical essay on what would occur if humans disappeared all at once and suddenly.
Discussing have been surrounding my free time about noahs ark, dinosaurs, carbon dating, evolution of certain species, etc. So many options it causes great debate. Seems that it is another way to learn when we can think deeper than our own perceived intellectual depth. Really enjoy the conversation though never sure when or where or for that matter what to research deeper.

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On The Bay

What a beautiful day. We got a gift that the boat was available today and we invited the friends and the family. It great to relax and talked and laughed.
The biggest conversation was started because of the book "The world without us". This book is a theorical essay on what would occur if humans disappeared all at once and suddenly.
Discussing have been surrounding my free time about noahs ark, dinosaurs, carbon dating, evolution of certain species, etc. So many options it causes great debate. Seems that it is another way to learn when we can think deeper than our own perceived intellectual depth. Really enjoy the conversation though never sure when or where or for that matter what to research deeper.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Sunday

Awoke this morning to a peace that seems special on the water. As I arose and saw the sun reflecting on the water it amazed me how anyone could not believe in God. The beauty he has created for us is awesome. Sitting out on the deck this display of the wonderous world comes with a light breeze a little chill and the quietness and peace that seems so hard to get away from here. Times like these make me think harder about living somewhere different, more like this everyday.
Makes me wonder if I would allow it to be special or would we take it for granted. Somehow I believe that having this occaisionally makes more special and wonderous.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Actually slept in today, funny that that habit seemed to feel good since having the ability to do it everyday on the seattle trip.
No wind at the boat today, but we are going to go out anyway. Being on the water is wonderful. So we will catch a quick lunch and then head out.
Out on the water. Jack Johnson and bob marley sharing the speakers. Very peaceful. Wishing I could read a book and relax, but first mate is sleeping on deck.
Got a good day in sailing very relaxing. Anchored and went for a swim, water is pretty awesome.
Very quiet night on the boat. Probably go to bed early. We should have brought a movie. Probably play some cards, read or play backgammon.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Rebellious Child

As we grow in our life as a Christian, it occurs to me that like our human development, that we need to see the phases that we will grow through to reach a life of holiness. We start as a babe it is all wondrous special and overwhelming. We stare with wide eyes at so many elements of our new walk with Christ. As we start to mature it is important to add mature Christians to our daily life to keep us in line and therefore on the correct path. Ephesians 5 talks about the things that come into our days that we need to push away from us. We are to pursue peace and holiness in our lives. It is paramount that see that pursuing peace is easier than pursuing holiness. We try to justify our actions in pursuit of holiness. Though I believe that God forgives He also demands growth in our walk and relationship with Him. We need to avoid the things of sin in our daily life: course talk, filthy language, immoral subjects. We need a no tolerance policy to these things that displease God.
Thank you Lord for the persons you place in my daily life to remind me of the changing of my ways. Thank you Lord for the blessings of your wonderous presence in my life.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To Work

After the 39 hour no sleep day, packing in the work was "awakening".
Well a great nights sleep can do wonders. Feel pretty refreshed and ready to start the day. Going to lift with Tim today, hopefully I can make a respectable showing. Love the talks that we have. Very cool how God places people in your life when you need it. Think Tim and I will be close for a long time. Great person to get perspective from, enjoy the education he provides.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Travel Day-Home

Coffee is consumed, early email and phone calls made, time for 45 minutes on the bike. James MacDonald is waiting. World war III in me. Studying in 1 John. There truly is an internal war that rages in us everyday. Good vs. Evil, earth is the playground of Satan.

Money, travel, hobbies, sports, entertainment, substances, exercise, home/possessions, career, position/status theses are attitude sins. When we put any of these things before our holiness we commit sin against God. Desires for these things taking control of us is keeping us from Christ. We never have to teach our children to do wrong, they somehow seem to know that. It is the correct actions we need to teach them. We need to choose love, over hate. It is so easy to dislike someone, easy to feel wounded. The difficult thing is to forgive in spite of hurt, to love in spite of wrong doing. God loves us no matter our actions but we trouble in the same.

Getting outside of the boundaries of enjoying the things that God gave us to enjoy is where sin starts and where Satan tries to lead us. He tells us things are okay, that we are forgiven anyway. This battle destroys our oneness our relationship with Christ.
Romans 7: Paul tells us that we struggle to do right, because we are gripped by sin. We need to reach to Christ for strength. When we go to Him, He will provide the strength to overcome.

1 timothy 6:17. Tells us that God provides many things wonderful for our enjoyment. We are to pleasure in these things but never put the desire for these things in front of the work we need to do for God.

Great question. What things did u desire today more than your desire to grow closer to God?

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Sunday In Seattle

Relaxing day in the city. Had a morning workout then a leisurely breakfast. Decided to head back to pike place market. The blackberries are excellent. This city is growing on me. Awesome to be able to choose fresh food everyday.

Raining now and we forgot our rain jackets. Seems like a ID 10 t issue. Oh well. At the taproom. 160 beers on tap. Had the northwest sampler. The walk back was rainy and chilly, we should have remembered the rain jackets. Hit the hot tub as soon as we got back. Now time to relax for a while.

Laid around the room and watched tv for a few hours. Then had japanese food right across the street. Very good time and conversation.

Time for bed. Travel day tomorrow.

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Olympia Park

Spent the day traveling on the west side of the Olympia park. Climbed on sea stacks and hiked in the rainforest. Short hikes today due to the long ride we had back to Seattle. Beautiful scenery was every where. God make a beautiful world, so sinful that we don't appreciate it every day we live I'm it. Can we even start to imagine the glory that is Heaven

Forks Washington and Living Stones

Forks washington on Olympic peninsula Seattle trip with andy. Yesterday we hiked the merryman trail to see a waterfall and found the huge trees amazing.

Reading 1 peter 2. Living stones: God created us all be living stones to be part of the living church. We are called to base this project on the cornerstone of Christ and follow the blueprint of the Word of God. Today we are going to head to the hoh rainforest to see the old growth forests and do a little hiking. Then it's back to Seattle for lodging. Think we need to go to my rainier yet to complete the must sees.

Welcome to my Rambling

many times i feel the need to just type and create an archive of what i do in my life. guess it is partially so that i don't have to trust my memory. What I really like to read back later in life the things that i did and what i have experienced.

Hopefully this blog will allow me to develop a way to open my heart and share openly the things that struggle in there.

additionally, hopefully it will be a log of all the wonderful things that i have been blessed with in life.

This weekend I was able to spend time with my son and see the wonders that are the Olympic Peninsula. the huge trees and the wonderful coast line littered with old growth trees and amazing stones that are worn smooth by the waves. The sea stacks are something that i only imagined that i would be blessed enough to see in my life. I am honored to add this to the treasure of sites that i have witnessed in my journey.

God have truly made many incredible places for us to find insight into his plan.

I believe that God wants us all to come to Him. He desires a relationship with us all. It is like he has created a puzzle with 6 billions pieces and wants us to all find our place in the grand plan.

God is Great. Amen.