Monday, August 25, 2008

Travel Day-Home

Coffee is consumed, early email and phone calls made, time for 45 minutes on the bike. James MacDonald is waiting. World war III in me. Studying in 1 John. There truly is an internal war that rages in us everyday. Good vs. Evil, earth is the playground of Satan.

Money, travel, hobbies, sports, entertainment, substances, exercise, home/possessions, career, position/status theses are attitude sins. When we put any of these things before our holiness we commit sin against God. Desires for these things taking control of us is keeping us from Christ. We never have to teach our children to do wrong, they somehow seem to know that. It is the correct actions we need to teach them. We need to choose love, over hate. It is so easy to dislike someone, easy to feel wounded. The difficult thing is to forgive in spite of hurt, to love in spite of wrong doing. God loves us no matter our actions but we trouble in the same.

Getting outside of the boundaries of enjoying the things that God gave us to enjoy is where sin starts and where Satan tries to lead us. He tells us things are okay, that we are forgiven anyway. This battle destroys our oneness our relationship with Christ.
Romans 7: Paul tells us that we struggle to do right, because we are gripped by sin. We need to reach to Christ for strength. When we go to Him, He will provide the strength to overcome.

1 timothy 6:17. Tells us that God provides many things wonderful for our enjoyment. We are to pleasure in these things but never put the desire for these things in front of the work we need to do for God.

Great question. What things did u desire today more than your desire to grow closer to God?

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Tim Buehler said...

This is a GREAT question Tom!
I am afraid I struggle with this desire more than I care to admit. I love the openness and hard hitting of James MacDonald because he forces me to be uncomfortable. That is what this question does as well.
The answer...sleep, work, wife and kids.