Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Actually slept in today, funny that that habit seemed to feel good since having the ability to do it everyday on the seattle trip.
No wind at the boat today, but we are going to go out anyway. Being on the water is wonderful. So we will catch a quick lunch and then head out.
Out on the water. Jack Johnson and bob marley sharing the speakers. Very peaceful. Wishing I could read a book and relax, but first mate is sleeping on deck.
Got a good day in sailing very relaxing. Anchored and went for a swim, water is pretty awesome.
Very quiet night on the boat. Probably go to bed early. We should have brought a movie. Probably play some cards, read or play backgammon.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Rebellious Child

As we grow in our life as a Christian, it occurs to me that like our human development, that we need to see the phases that we will grow through to reach a life of holiness. We start as a babe it is all wondrous special and overwhelming. We stare with wide eyes at so many elements of our new walk with Christ. As we start to mature it is important to add mature Christians to our daily life to keep us in line and therefore on the correct path. Ephesians 5 talks about the things that come into our days that we need to push away from us. We are to pursue peace and holiness in our lives. It is paramount that see that pursuing peace is easier than pursuing holiness. We try to justify our actions in pursuit of holiness. Though I believe that God forgives He also demands growth in our walk and relationship with Him. We need to avoid the things of sin in our daily life: course talk, filthy language, immoral subjects. We need a no tolerance policy to these things that displease God.
Thank you Lord for the persons you place in my daily life to remind me of the changing of my ways. Thank you Lord for the blessings of your wonderous presence in my life.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To Work

After the 39 hour no sleep day, packing in the work was "awakening".
Well a great nights sleep can do wonders. Feel pretty refreshed and ready to start the day. Going to lift with Tim today, hopefully I can make a respectable showing. Love the talks that we have. Very cool how God places people in your life when you need it. Think Tim and I will be close for a long time. Great person to get perspective from, enjoy the education he provides.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Travel Day-Home

Coffee is consumed, early email and phone calls made, time for 45 minutes on the bike. James MacDonald is waiting. World war III in me. Studying in 1 John. There truly is an internal war that rages in us everyday. Good vs. Evil, earth is the playground of Satan.

Money, travel, hobbies, sports, entertainment, substances, exercise, home/possessions, career, position/status theses are attitude sins. When we put any of these things before our holiness we commit sin against God. Desires for these things taking control of us is keeping us from Christ. We never have to teach our children to do wrong, they somehow seem to know that. It is the correct actions we need to teach them. We need to choose love, over hate. It is so easy to dislike someone, easy to feel wounded. The difficult thing is to forgive in spite of hurt, to love in spite of wrong doing. God loves us no matter our actions but we trouble in the same.

Getting outside of the boundaries of enjoying the things that God gave us to enjoy is where sin starts and where Satan tries to lead us. He tells us things are okay, that we are forgiven anyway. This battle destroys our oneness our relationship with Christ.
Romans 7: Paul tells us that we struggle to do right, because we are gripped by sin. We need to reach to Christ for strength. When we go to Him, He will provide the strength to overcome.

1 timothy 6:17. Tells us that God provides many things wonderful for our enjoyment. We are to pleasure in these things but never put the desire for these things in front of the work we need to do for God.

Great question. What things did u desire today more than your desire to grow closer to God?

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Sunday In Seattle

Relaxing day in the city. Had a morning workout then a leisurely breakfast. Decided to head back to pike place market. The blackberries are excellent. This city is growing on me. Awesome to be able to choose fresh food everyday.

Raining now and we forgot our rain jackets. Seems like a ID 10 t issue. Oh well. At the taproom. 160 beers on tap. Had the northwest sampler. The walk back was rainy and chilly, we should have remembered the rain jackets. Hit the hot tub as soon as we got back. Now time to relax for a while.

Laid around the room and watched tv for a few hours. Then had japanese food right across the street. Very good time and conversation.

Time for bed. Travel day tomorrow.

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Olympia Park

Spent the day traveling on the west side of the Olympia park. Climbed on sea stacks and hiked in the rainforest. Short hikes today due to the long ride we had back to Seattle. Beautiful scenery was every where. God make a beautiful world, so sinful that we don't appreciate it every day we live I'm it. Can we even start to imagine the glory that is Heaven

Forks Washington and Living Stones

Forks washington on Olympic peninsula Seattle trip with andy. Yesterday we hiked the merryman trail to see a waterfall and found the huge trees amazing.

Reading 1 peter 2. Living stones: God created us all be living stones to be part of the living church. We are called to base this project on the cornerstone of Christ and follow the blueprint of the Word of God. Today we are going to head to the hoh rainforest to see the old growth forests and do a little hiking. Then it's back to Seattle for lodging. Think we need to go to my rainier yet to complete the must sees.

Welcome to my Rambling

many times i feel the need to just type and create an archive of what i do in my life. guess it is partially so that i don't have to trust my memory. What I really like to read back later in life the things that i did and what i have experienced.

Hopefully this blog will allow me to develop a way to open my heart and share openly the things that struggle in there.

additionally, hopefully it will be a log of all the wonderful things that i have been blessed with in life.

This weekend I was able to spend time with my son and see the wonders that are the Olympic Peninsula. the huge trees and the wonderful coast line littered with old growth trees and amazing stones that are worn smooth by the waves. The sea stacks are something that i only imagined that i would be blessed enough to see in my life. I am honored to add this to the treasure of sites that i have witnessed in my journey.

God have truly made many incredible places for us to find insight into his plan.

I believe that God wants us all to come to Him. He desires a relationship with us all. It is like he has created a puzzle with 6 billions pieces and wants us to all find our place in the grand plan.

God is Great. Amen.