Saturday, October 18, 2008


If I could save time in a bottle.....

Would we?

Wonder if the bottle would overflow. Or would we keep getting new bottles. Where do we store these bottles. Do we have time to revisit the bottles? Pour them out and relive them.

I chose to remember the past. Live the present. Have faith in the future.

The Bible says we are fools to plan our days fir our own dreams. If it is Gods will it will be

Just heard a story about a seven foot seven inch college basketball player that will lose part if his foot due to infection. This man was probably assured of millions in the NBA. Today the reality has changed. Will he trust in God that this is for a purpose. Would I trust?

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Living A Life

How sad that he died at forty, with most of his living undone. But sadder still that he hung around to be buried at eighty one.

Live your life while you can.

Find the balance to live, give and feel.

Life is not about aquiring money, but aquiring experiences to share, to grow, and therefore to give back.

Live your life to serve. Be noble in all you do.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Growing for Christ


Sat with God today.


God I am struggling to understand your will for me, my salvation, and your Grace.


God seems to allow a story to appear to me:


This is the story.


My child, you have done well, to surrender to me, to accept my Son Jesus Christ, as your personal savior.  There is nothing you can do to earn this right, nothing you can do to lose my love and acceptance of you.   My child I am giving you a piece of my earth, the responsibility to take care of this land is what I ask.  My dearest youngster, this piece of ground that I gave to you is large enough to produce much fruit, the seeds of which you will give away to others so that they may experience the journey that you are about to take.  Dear child, it is I who has given you the Book to succeed in this journey, this Book is all that you will need to grow this land that I give to you; into a mature orchard.  You will need to plant 9 trees, it is important to nurture these trees that they do not fail to produce; this is my mission for you.  You will honor me by doing what you are told.  Learn my child from the others that have come before you, trust the wisdom in your older more mature brothers and sisters, learn from the teachers that I have provided for you, join in fellowship and worship with them.  My child these trees are named for my fruits, the very food that you will need to grow my kingdom with; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  My dear one, it is not an easy task that I require of you, your enemy, satan, will try to bring struggle and hardship, and in these times, know that I am with you, know that I will allow them, these trials, to your point of strength that you may grow strong and be a warrior for my kingdom.  My son, know that no one comes to full maturity without struggle, know that in every trial you will become strengthened by fire, to endure the pathway.  Stay steadfast in my journey; keep my Word in your heart and soul.  My Son I have placed the Holy Spirit in your soul so that you may communicate with me and gain a deep understanding of my Word, my instructions, and the depth of my love.  Son, this land will need you to work hard, and put my mission first in all that you do.  I will understand that it will take time to grow this orchard; you will need to prepare the ground, remove the weeds, and dig up and burn the roots of old.  You are called to be born again, a fisherman, a farmer, a voice in darkness, a light to the lost.  You will need to toil in the sun and endure the rains.  As you see success in this growth do not take leisure, for as you start to show accomplishment you will need to be humble , so that you do not become self serving, proud, selfish or earthly in your thoughts, for these things do not please me.  My son you will need to stay the course, and trust in me.  There will not be a time that you will be able to take your eyes from my work, it will need to be your life work, for this is all that I ask; that you make this orchard flourish, and honor me with the fruits of your labor.   My loved one as you grow in knowledge I will bless you with a larger tract, and more generous fruits.  You will grow to be a teacher of my flock; this is my calling to all my children.  My son the day will come when you come to me and I will rejoice in saying; Well done, my good and faithful servant.


Your Father.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shadow To Light

My nature is to run. Not in the physical form, but emotionally and mentally. Strive everyday to walk closer to God, to increase my talks with Christ, and to listen to the Holy Spirit. Everyday to push the darkness inside me out and behind like the shadow. To walk towards that light of Christ. As I step, it is with full knowlege of the fear and trust that I have in the Lord. My knowledge, my wisdom increases daily with his blessing, so that honor flows to Him. Towards my purpose I go. Everyday the light overcomes the shadow of the past me. It continues to become more of who I am because I chose
it to be so. One day that light will overtake me and there will be shadow no more. That day I will live in the full Glory of our Lord, Jesus.

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