Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Obstacles and other roadblocks are sometimes in our life to protect us from going down a path that is not safe for us. Sometimes those roadblocks lead us to roads we would have never taken otherwise. Give yourself some quiet time, pray to God to give you wisdom and then trust your inner voice.
I am reminded of a time many years ago that I was traveling out west and decided to take a trip across Wyoming. Let me be straight it was a one day drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The next morning we left Jackson Hole to travel thru Yellowstone National Park and out the East Gate to go straight to Cody, WY. The day was sunny and cold, as we got into Yellowstone and viewed the Teton Range, I was in awe.

After watching Ole Faithful spout in full glory we had lunch and right about then it started to snow. The East gate was closed and knowing the park at night is not the best place to be especially in a Chrysler car, we hit the roadblock, turned around and made plans to exit the Northeast Gate. This was hours out of our way in the snowstorm. We finally made it to a small town outside of the park that evening and slept an exhausted sleep. The next morning we re mapped our route and traveled on a road named the Chief Joseph Highway. One of the most beautiful roads in the world. Had the roadblock not been there I would have missed this experience.
Trust that there are times that God allows a roadblock to let us experience greater joy than we could imagine. So trust in God. He knows the pathway we are to travel.