Friday, November 8, 2013


Most of my life was lived with a sense of what is the next great thing that I can accomplish.  What is that next great thing to own?

A year or two ago I moved across the country and in doing so knew that I would be facing a different culture.  This culture had the rap of property theft.  As I thought about this, the Holy Spirit laid upon me that nothing in my truck or the moving van was really mine.

I am nothing but a steward of ALL things that are given to me.

My thoughts of loss turned to thoughts of blessings.  These things are only temporary in all ways.  God granted me access to them so that I may serve Him and to delight in the things of this world that HE provides.

What a great process to see all things as gifts, to see the blessing of God in all things.

Today my challenge is to remind others of the temporariness of all things.  See things in life as blessings.

After all, if you are saved, a child of the one true God, then no one on this earth can take the one thing that you have, sealed with the Holy Spirit in you.  That one thing is your salvation in Christ Jesus.

Amen,  Today see the blessings in all things.


Growing for Christ

Growing for Christ