Sunday, September 7, 2008


Dad, Charlie and andy joined me for the weekend at the steelers game. Paul got us rooms at the Hilton where the team stays and Dad has been able to see a few players.
Cool night eating on the southside at fat daddys resturant and having way too much food and I left most of it on my plate. Did tons of walking all over this section of pittsburgh.
Walked to see Jerone Bettis grill and walking back saw the fireworks up close and personal.

It was great to see the excitement in my dad to see some of the players. Paul was able to get Heath miller, marvel, and Hines ward to sign a banner for Charlie.

Didn't sleep real well. Dad can really snore it up. He feels so bad about it. Of course we smile and forgive.

Off to the stadium.

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