Friday, December 4, 2015

Needing an I-Exam

     On Wednesday of this week, it was time for an eye exam.  The room was set up with all types of great instruments to look deeply into my eyes and after thirty questions, like 1 or 2, 3 or 4, they determined my prescription.   There was an assessment reached that my eyes were short of perfect and that assistance would be needed in order to see 20/20 and read more comfortably.

     As the exam was being administered my mind wandered to the things of God.  Maybe we should have an I-exam regularly.  Are we seeing things 20/20 in God's view or do we need some assistance?  There is a Spirit inside of every believer that directs our paths, yet there can be a failure to see properly.  Proverb 3:5-6 teaches that we are to trust in God, and not lean on our own understanding.  I problem.  Do you see it?

     As a young man, far younger than I am now, there really wasn't an I-problem in my mind.  Understand that my whole life existed completely for me and my happiness; there wasn't much I worried about but myself. No problem, that was who and what I was at the time.

     I wanted to improve myself, self-examine myself, please myself, grow myself, and tell others how great myself was in all things in all ways.  Unfortunately, that also included a time factor most, if not all, of the time.   I, I , I all the time.

    At about 25 years old, the I was not producing the happiness factor to the degree that I, myself, desired and in fact there was disappointment and a feeling of being lost.   A mentor lead me to accept Christ.  Please understand there wasn't much room in my heart for Christ at this time.  There was a lot of self-love and it was seeking to starve the new found Holy Spirit in me.

     Hebrews 12:2 states, "... fixing our eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith."(NIV)  If we are honest with ourselves we all have I-problems, our I's are usually fixated on self.  We all need to accept the corrective lens of the Holy Spirit and submit our pride to Jesus.

     The simple fact is that once we accept the lack of focus, and move the I out of our heart and mind, the Spirit is able to grow and change us.   Ephesians 4:30 tells us "do not grieve the Holy Spirit, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption." (NIV)  We need to focus on Him alone.  Seek His ways and die to the I's.

    My prayer for you (for me) is that we are able to see better the work of Christ.  To see that we all have an I-problem, and need to go to another and have it evaluated regularly.  Then we can accept the prescription and improve our God view and allow it to be our only view.

   So get the I out of your eye, and let your heart fully and completely belong to God.

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Unknown said...

Great insight Thom! Love it!