Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What does God say

For impact upfront --- Let me restate that if you truly are a Christian then you have Christ in you.  He lives in you.  Your body is His temple.  Chose to sin chose to dirty the temple of God. 
1 Cor 6:18 tells us of the nature of sexual sin--- it is internal.  You bring it into the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You!!  Not your spouse--- not your dating partner but YOU.
You have been bought at a price-- the very blood of Jesus. 
Society tells us it's okay, it's fun.  God asks, why do you defile me?
Sex is for marriage.  Therefore dating fun--nope.   Fiancé fun--nope.
If sex with another outside of marriage is not okay then sex with another inside the marriage vow is not okay either. 
I deal with many that justify sex outside of marriage yet would not condone adultery in marriage.  That is wonderful but we need to stand with the Word of God.  Intimacy in any form is sin outside of marriage. 
Non married people--- spend your energy getting to know if the person your dating is walking with God fully.
As my brother LaCrea says... "if he ain't rolling with God, don't let him roll with you."
My add--  a guy or gal rolling with God is easy to spot.  They wouldn't ask you to sin against God and defile His temple.
As the most interesting man in the world would say. Stay pure my friend.
I don't always follow the Word of God-- but when I do its Dos Blessings!!
Stay pure my friend.

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