Thursday, September 25, 2014

Romans 2

Rom 2..

It is Not those that only hear the Word that are counted righteous, but those that obey the Word that are declared righteous

Friends going to church isn't the only part. It is important for worship, growth and fellowship for God and other believers. It is being with God 24/7 365 that is the sign of a believer.

Hearing the Word is the oil that make the machine hum, yet you have to let... God through the Holy Spirit change your engine. One part at a time. It is a surrender of our will.

I can watch video, read a manual, and stare at my car engine, I can even go visit the garage, but for me to have it truly repaired.... I need to surrender it to a mechanic.

God is that ultimate mechanic. God alone can fix the problem. God wants to fix it.

Don't just talk about getting fixed. Fix it!

Surrender your life to Christ Jesus. Believe in Him. Repent of your sins and be free. God grows joy, not just happiness.

Going all in for Christ isn't meant to be easy for it is by grace alone we are saved.
We aren't meant to walk the easy path, we are to grow strong in the tough terrain. Knowing God is always with us!

God wants to be with you forever


written by and borrowed from Pastor Thomas Kulp

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